Monday, June 28, 2010

Christmas is coming (I kid ye not)

Today saw the arrival of my first Christmas enquiry, which, although very welcome came a something of a shock since the lovely weather of the last few days has had me looking forward to a long hot summer...........oh well I'm impressed at the forward thinking of this potential client and really hope his timely enquiry gets the ball rolling!

As usual lots has been happening for me on the domestic front and my artwork has suffered some neglect, I have been trying to complete a graphite that I posted some time ago of a lovely Charolias cow that I called "Gertrude" ......I am frustratingly close to having finished it but am still just not quite there, so she remains on my drawing board waiting for a couple of free hours to present themselves, hopefully I will be able to post the final image here tomorrow ;-)

Meanwhile I just wanted to show off my wonderful new studio window which has been a godsend this week as it opens fully and allows a little cooling breeze through while giving an unninterupted view of the garden I spoilt or what!


sue said...

A new studio window .... what more could a girl want????!! :o)

Is that a self portrait on the wall next to the window?

pett paintings said...

Exactly Sue! I am living in the lap of luxury :-)
The "portrait" of me was done by caricaturist Neil Barton a couple of years ago at a local art group meeting....of course I was younger and more galmourous back then ;-)
Tha other portrait is one I did of my mum x said...

WOW! Love the window Kay, I have the next best thing, I pull my easel beside the back door leading to the garden from the kitchen, means the sink is close at hand for washing brushes too ;-)