Thursday, June 10, 2010

Am I going soft?

Having completed my first landscape in quite a while I felt motivated to start work on another, this one again is based on local scenery at Pett Level and went through so many "ugly" stages that it was almost consigned to the bin, however I persevered and worked it to completion only to sit back and wonder if my work has gone too far down the chocolate box route lately?

Determined to beat this run of "flowery" pastels I tried a new approach today painting a beach scene from last years travels in Australia, however it seems I am firmly stuck in the grips of this mood
so this is how my sandy footpath leading to Cottesloe Beach Nr Perth turned out and confirmation that I have gone soft and need to work through this "romantic" phase in my painting........................I'm looking for a cure...........maybe I'll have to dispose of the pinks and blues lurking in my palette at the moment?


sue said...

Well, I like your 'chocolate box' paintings and I guess you're more likely to find buyers for these than animal portraits at your local shows?

You could always add a man and dog (or similar) on the horizon at the end of the sandy path if you feel guilty :o)

I prefer the second pic but that's probably because I'm getting beach withdrawal symptoms - time to head back to Fuerte for a few days I think (can't count Tankerton/Whitstable as we have pebble beaches here).

Are these pastel?

pett paintings said...

Thanks Sue, as you say these are usually easier to sell at local exhibitions, and that has to be my aim at the moment so maybe nothing to worry about after all..........and I do enjoy doing them ;-)
Yep they are pastel
Boy do I envy your frequent trips to the sun!