Friday, June 11, 2010


I am on a mission to complete some work for a couple of exhibitions coming up later in the summer todays effort is a 30x 30 cm pastel of a cottage at Dungeness, it looks great in a driftwood frame that has been languishing in my studio for some time...............sorted!


sue said...

I really like this one Kay - it'll sell for sure :o) and a driftwood frame sounds perfick!

Its the sort of picture I need to work on if ever I participate in an exhibition here - seascapes, seagulls and beach huts sell well in Whitstable!! (but on the other hand ... if everyone here is doing the same thing ...... )!!

pett paintings said...

Yep same here Sue, I do try to avoid the Net huts, seagulls and beachhut stuff.......... as you say it all gets a bit "samey" but on the other hand always popular with the paying public!