Friday, July 31, 2009

BDAG exhibition

No painting done yesterday as I had a day off to steward at the Battle and district Arts Group summer exhibition.

Lots of visitors streaming in to browse and four paintings sold during my morning session! (not mine unfortunately), Time will tell but I think sales will be down on last year which is to be expected in the current economic climate although the works sold have been varied in price range so I still believe it's all down to a random meeting of purchaser and painting.

The day went by in a flash chatting to members and visitors and admiring some fantastic work by the other artists there ~ well worth a visit if you are in the area of Battle High Street, it's well signed and open until 5pm Saturday.

During my stint I was approached twice by purchasers dissapointed that the painting they wanted had already sold~ there really is no telling what will sell and what won't ~guess I got it all wrong with the paintings I chose to exhibit this year, nevermind ~theres always next time.
Back to work today adding the finishing touches to "Misty"and continuing to work on two "surprise" birthday commissions which I have to keep under wraps until the end of September.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Misty & Flint

I am currently working on several "surprise" birthday portraits so can not post them anywhere for a while~ however while my four paintings are exhibited at Battle this week I have some free time to spend on my current commission, an oil painting of "Misty". Her owner came to see the work so far and is happy with it so onwards and upwards. I have done the bulk of the work and now have fine details of her fur to complete ~ here she is so far(left), alongside her sister Rusty's portrait which I painted for the same client a couple of years ago

In between commissions I have indulged myself with some work on portraits for my own amusement which will be added to my "samples" folder and I am especially happy with this pastel portrait of "Flint" a handsome German Wirehaired Pointer which I painted on A3 Ingres paper, here is the finished painting of him

Friday, July 17, 2009


Ho Ho Ho~ Christmas is coming (I kid ye not) sorry folks but this IS the time of year to think about getting in the chimney sweep (note to self). Likewise if you are thinking about ordering a pet portrait painting for someone special Now is the time to make those enquiries before everyone else beats you to it!
All of us portrait artists struggle to cope with the deluge of orders at Christmas and hate to disappoint so don't leave it too late to place your order ~

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


here we are racing through July~ I can't believe it's almost time for the annual Battle and District Arts Group exhibition and have had to get my skates on to have my submissions ready on time.
The Hospice summer exhibition was a success in spite of the economic climate and two of my paintings were sold along with about 40 others ~helping to compensate for the lack of commissions.

I have been working on the commission of "Misty" but am suffering from eye strain so am working in short bursts at the moment, hopefully I will complete the painting with a few more hours work here is the painting so far.

Summer shows are in full swing and I have been attending as many rural dog and horse shows as time permits where I've seen and photographed some beautiful animals for future portrait subjects.