Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Change of tack

Been very busy with "other stuff" just lately and have not done any painting for a couple of weeks, the lovely weather has been beckoning me into the garden too and I have enjoyed the downtime tending to my plants, so now that the garden is looking lovely and the weather has taken a turn for the worse I decided to spend the afternoon back at the easel working on a piece for exhibition later in the summer this is "Evening light" and it's a 12"x 16" pastel which I really enjoyed painting, hope you like it ;-)


sue said...

Lovely painting - very atmospheric Kay. I see you have some of those 'dreaded' wind turbines in the background :o)

We've got 30 of them out at sea off the Tankerton slopes - but I guess they are a necessary evil these days in the effort to provide 'greener' power

pett paintings said...

Thank you Sue, these are miles away along he coast towards Dungeness but I'm always fascinated but how certain light makes them look like they are in the next field.........most days we can hardly see them so I rather like them myself ;-)