Saturday, April 03, 2010

Port Lympne wildlife art exhibition

These are the four paintings I submitted

The wildlife art exhibition at Port Lympne has been a mixed bag for me, firstly the hosts saw fit to house the exhibition in a Marquee that had seen far better days and there was a serious lack of organisation/ planning which led to some artists withdrawing their work, Having volunteered to help with hanging I had little option but to stay and try to do something to help for the sake of the other artists, in the event it all seemed to come together at the last minute, Vic Reeves did a great job at the packed opening ceremony and the artwork looked wonderful, generating sales.............. so with the blessing of some decent weather I'm hoping that the bad start can be thing is for certain...........if it happens again it will have to be housed in a solid structure and be organised by someone far more capable!


sue said...

Wow ... they look brilliant in their frames Kay - particularly Al Packer (I have a soft spot for him)!!

Hope you make a sale, or four, at the exhibition

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Having visited this exhibtion some years ago when it was last held at Port Lympne, it was held inside the beautiful house...if I remember correctly a couple of the gorgeous rooms were allocated and I have to say the works looked great. I am surprised that it was held outside in a marquee especially when the weather can be so inclement at this time of year, so risky for such beautiful works of art,and yours are truly superb.... great colours,texture and light...I hope you make some sales.

pett paintings said...

Thank you Sue x
I hope you get a chance to go and see the exhibition it is worth a visitfor the paintings on display if not the dreaded marquee!

pett paintings said...

Hi Vic, yes this venue should have been fantastic as you said it has a wonderful mansion with a static collection of wonderful artwork, so we expected to have been allocated a room within but in reality it was a dissapointment to all artists involved (many withdrew) however the standard of work is so good that hopefully vivitors will still enjoy it and some lessons will have been learned for the future.