Thursday, March 18, 2010

All go!!!

Well it was such a quiet start to the year that I almost fell into a coma, then all of a sudden everything has gone mad! (typical) I had three outstanding portrait vouchers from 2009 and two have been claimed in the last couple of weeks co-inciding with my long overdue first commission of the year (phew)

Just to complicate things further I have been selected to exhibit four paintings at a very special art exhibition over Easter and at the moment I only have two wildlife paintings suitable for the its been a case of hunkering down in the studio ignoring the garden and the lovely spring sunshine :-( and painting until my eyes are out on stalks!
I have now completed the commission and one new work for the exhibition, and made the requested alterations to the Alaskan Malamute (fingers crossed the owner will accept it now).
So the next task is a large wildlife painting for the exhibition, I have made a start and will be working like fury all week to get it finished in time for framing and submission.
Pictured above are the finished Malamute portrait and the first of my new wildife paintings the second one has a long way to go before its done but here is a peek at my progress so far
My commissioned portrait will remain under wraps for a few more days until it is no longer a surprise for the recipient

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