Monday, April 05, 2010


Having spent the best part of three days at Port Lympne Wild Animal park last week I made some great new contacts one of whom is the resident photographer David Rolfe who was happy to share tips on acquiring wildlife photographs, when I said I would love to photograph and paint the giraffes he offered me a choice of his wonderful images to use, I couldn'thave been happier and chose this youngster, inspired by some of the wonderful graphite works on display in the exhibition I decided to give it a go in of my favorite mediums.

I am not very fast with pencil so this will take quite a while as it is fairly large at 55 x 36 cm
The first stage is quite hard to see because I use a light touch with an HB pencil to sketch out the basic form (using a grid system for accuracy) then I begin adding tone starting on the left of the drawing so as not to smudge the work as I progress, this has taken about four hours so far.

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