Friday, April 09, 2010

Giraffe 5

Nearly finished on the giraffe, but such a large graphite piece is pretty slow going and hard on the eyes so today I took a break from the drawing to rest my eyes.

Trundled off to Port Lympne with my camera today to get some animal ref photos and to check out the situation at the art exhibition.

I had heard more bad press about the show (mainly venue related) and been told that a large number of paintings had been collected, I took my packaging intending to pull my work if it was as bad as reported, but I am happy to say that the place was packed and the exhibition was still getting the thumbs up from the visiting public so my picture will stay in place till the end.

I now have some excellent photographs to work from (mainly the big cats) and can't wait to get back to the drawing board!


sue said...

I agree Kay, the venue looked OK to me on Tuesday, but it may have been a different story if the weather had been nasty.

I didn't have much joy photographing the animals - most of the enclosures were deserted so I guess the beasties were hiding in their sheds. Did get quite a few of the limping lioness (poor thing)- she really was beautiful - and just hundreds of the meercats (who posed beautifully). My elephant and rhino pics were good but not sure how saleable these would be as drawings?

Anyway, we can compare notes on the finished works :o)

pett paintings said...

Oh that poor breaks my heart to see her lke that and on her own :-(
I had such luck with the big cats as most were being fed when we got to them so I have some fab pics.... far too many!
Always wanted to work somewhere like that but don't think I'd get much done, I'd be to busy being mesmerised:-)