Thursday, November 04, 2010

Proper poorly

Have been "off blog" for a couple of weeks now (well off everything actually) had the migraine from hell for four days followed instantly by a nasty dose of flu so not much has been done artwise apart from mulling over some plans and idea for new paintings that I'd like to tackle.
I did have a brief spell of feeling slightly better last week so I sat up in bed and started a little sheep drawing to add to my mini series, the effort involved exhausted me and I soon gave up and crashed again.
Am off to the quack later today, as although I'm feeling a lot better now, the virus attacked my ears and left me with very reduced hearing

My first e-bay experience was an eye opener for me in that my sheep painting sold for just £11.o1 ...I guess e-bay is where people head to get bargains, so I shouldn't really be too surprised.

Anyway I now have about six of these little works completed and another two almost done so will continue to e-bay them up untill Christmas and will then have a rethink and sell at a set price from my website instead.

Anyway these are both almost done so thought I'd show them in the absence of anything more interesting.


sue said...

Hi Kay
Sorry you've been so poorly.

I think this is the 'original computer virus' doing the rounds. I think I caught it from Jo, you probably did too, now Pat (A UKCPS blogger) has caught it from me . :o)

Disappointing result from eBay for the first one, but its all a learning curve and I hope the next ones do better for you.

Take care

Jan said...

I sympathize with you for being so sick and hope you're feeling better by now.

The two paintings look good from what I can see. I like sheep and goats - such strange looking creatures when you think about it.

I think eBay might be all right if you're trying to get a following and can churn out paintings a minimal cost. But, as you said, the selling price is far below what it should be!