Friday, November 12, 2010

Thought it was about time I updated the blog, The little originals on e-bay are still selling for peanuts but at least they are selling :-) (could be worse) currently on offer is the little Mute Swan and bids are just starting to come in with just one day to go, the funny thing is I never thought I would get so excited by such silly little amounts of money but every little bid seems to make me smile, clearly e-bay is in itself addictive!
The painting that should have been listed next this weekend has been snapped up already from the preview on my website so the Labradors have jumped a place and will be next.
Behind the scenes I have embarked on an art swap with New Zealand artist Karen Neal we have not yet decided on specific pieces or if we will each "commission" a new work from each other but however it turns out I am excited about the prospect of owning one of Karens beautiful paintings!
It seems she has done several art swaps with other artists and has enjoyed the experience totally so I am relying on her to make sure it all goes without a hitch.
To me it feels like buying myself an expensive present without parting with any to be a bonus in this economic mess!


sue said...

Great to see you back Kay!

I've just checked out Karen's website - she does some lovely work and I especially love the kingfisher 'on her easel' now. Do you get to choose which piece you'd like?

Jan said...

I did a quick search for her also but didn't see a kingfisher - is she the artist who deals in acrylic and mixed media?

No matter, it sounds like great fun to do the swap. I've done ATC and OSWOA swaps and cherish the art I've collected.

Be sure to show us both what you send and what you receive from Karen!