Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christmas rush!

What a difference a week makes!

I have been commission free for the last four months and have been spending my time leisurely working on some originals for exhibition next year in a fairly relaxed fashion.

If you follow my blog you will know that my dog Fred fell ill and had to be PTS last weekend which hit me for six,and left me spinning.

I now have to get a grip.... as in the space of the four days of Fred's illness I received six Christmas commission enquiries!

So it looks as if I am going to be extremely busy in the lead up to Christmas this year....I do wish people wouldn't leave it to the last minute but it seems they always do, I just hope I can come up with the goods..........some daylight wouldn't go amiss right now!

Of course surprise commissions can't be shown on 'tinternet until they are no longer "a surprise" so in the meantime all I can offer in the way of piccy's to illustrate the blog is the next mini offering on e-bay. .....this is a little 7" x 5" graphite drawing of a black faced sheep which will be listed this weekend, other mini's destined for e-bay can be previewed on my website


sue said...

Didn't this happen to you last year as well Kay??!!

Congratulations on your enquiries and hope they all become firm orders with brilliant ref photos :o)

I think sleep is much overrated anyway!

pett paintings said...

Hi Sue, yes this did happen last year (although not quite so many)
they are all "orders" now so I have my work cut out to get them done in time, and of course there's not a single decent ref photo amongst them DOH!
Have already got a "difficult" situation with the first one ;-(

Think I might have to start offering "Prizes" for people who manage to order early next year......Oh well must crack on as I have a mountain to climb xx
hope things are nice and steady for you x

Jan said...

Congrats even on the last minute commissions! It's a shame about poor reference photos but it seems that the people who want portraits can't take decent photos so I guess that stands to reason!

You'll do them all brilliantly, I'm sure!

pett paintings said...

Thank you Jan, They have been arriving thick and fast have even had to turn two away!.....why can't they just come in nice and steady throughout the year...that would be so good :-) xx