Wednesday, December 01, 2010

So much to do so little time!

Hi all, sorry to have been erratic with the blogging (as usual) am busy making sure that these Christmas orders will all be done on time, first one was to go to the states so was prioritised and happily sent off at the start of the week...phew! luckily I have a couple of local commissions this year so they will be deliverable and not dependent on the postal service which will help!
I am getting a slight sweat on as we hit December but I think I will get there if I work hard and keep away from distractions (like Facebook).
Have finished the large graphite Boxer dog portrait which I really enjoyed doing but the client would like dogs name on the drawing so I hope I don't mess it up as lettering is not really my forte.
Since losing our Freddie the house has been seriously empty Milo and I have been ratting around deafened by the silence so we are about to embark on a dog hunt to find him a new pal.
Over the last few days I have been watching (in horror) Maggie's girth expanding, and although I am firmly "in denial" I suspect that sometime around Christmas she is planning on presenting us with a present ..............or maybe she just has wind?


Jan said...

You'll make all your deadlines, I'm sure!

I know the feeling about rattling around the house in silence. I hope you find another companion quickly and without any problems. Our little one was such a blessing when we got her.

I don't know who Milo or Maggie are but it sounds as if you may be having an expansion to your household in addition to a new dog!

Keep us posted!

pett paintings said...

Hi Jan, Milo is our 14yr old JRT and was Fred's constant companion and best buddy so you can imagine how lost and lonely he's been since Fred died :-(
Maggie is a stray cat that appeared almost a year ago and settled with us, I have been assuming she was speyed as she has been with us so long with no real obvious signs of being on heat (she's quite a vocal cat in general anyway)but she does seem to have become rather rotund just lately.... so yes there is a possibility that the house will be buzzing with life again sometime quite soon :-)

Jo said...

Keep at the commissions Kay, you'll get there. I know what you mean about writing on the portraits. I hate doing it as it's really difficult to get it neat isn't it?

Hope you find a nice new doggie who needs a good home.

Does sound like Maggie may be going to become a Mummy!!XX

Jan said...

Thanks for explaining, Kay!