Saturday, September 11, 2010


Not sure if I'm making progress with this painting or not, but I am finding some ways of controlling this dreaded medium at last, although I still hate the way the paint dries in an instant and find that the water spray method of keeping the painting workable (as described by the supplier) is no good for realism as it splats water globules onto areas that you were happy with and spoils the work already done!
Today was seriously lacking in light so this pic is not the best!.......hope to get a better one tomorrow


sue said...

Well, despite the technical problems along the way I think this is coming along beautifully. Don't put yourself down .. you're doing really well and I'm sure this will be one to be proud of.

I like the central light source (or is that glare off the paint .. oops)

Is this your local hunt?

Judy said...

This is going to be one absolutely fabulous painting when completed. I don't know whether you can obtain Aussie Matisse products in the UK but they have an "Open Medium" to slow the drying time of acrylics.

Judy, Aus.

pett paintings said...

Thank you both!
Sue the central light source you mention is just the glow form my easel lamp (I think) you know just how gloomy it has been lately so I struggled to get a decent shot of this.
Hopefully I will continue to prgress with it and will get a better photograph somewhere along the way ;-)
Judy I am not aware of the Matisse range here but understand that a similar open medium exists for the brand I am using so might have to invest at some stage, although I am learing to concentrate on one small area of the painting at a time which reduces the problem's all a learning curve for me :-)

pett paintings said...
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pett paintings said...

Sue.... sorry I missed your question no not the hunt but the line up for rosettes at a showjumping event ;-)

Amatheya said...

This looks like it will be absolutely stunning when it's finished :) Can't wait to see your next update!

art2cee2 said...

Absolutely beautiful painting! Love the workin progress. :-)

pett paintings said...

Thank you both, I hope you don't get bored waiting to see it finished as I'm learning very slowly as usual :-0