Wednesday, September 15, 2010

On white horses

Anyone old enough to remember a childrens TV series about a stable yard with a lightning tree and white horses? for some reason as I've been "painting?" this picture the title tune has been plagueing my subconcious but I cant for the life of me remember the name of the series? anyway have started calling this one "On white horses" as that is the first line of the title song going round in my head :-).......having said that I only ever decide on a title for paintings that I feel are going to reach fruition so some part of me must be feeling more positive about this now (probably due to some kindly positive feedback from you lovely folks)

Acrylic paint is starting to yield to my demands and I have found some rather unconventional methods of getting it to blend and behave itself (still don't "like " it yet though)


sue said...


and did you used to read the books in the Silver Brumby series ... oh I loved white horses :o) but ended up with a 'brown' one!

Well, I like it very much Kay and I'm sure you will soon ... maybe its just going through the inevitable 'ugly' stage a tad too long in your eyes.

sue said...

Actually, I may be confusing two programmes here. I just Googled Follyfoot and the theme tune is 'the lightning tree' but no mention of white horses.

The 'snowy white horses' theme was for a different 60s programme .. and according to Google the programme tapes were wiped by the studio so it can't be repeated :o(

pett paintings said...

Thats it one or the other!LOL "Follyfoot" rings a bell for sure and I can recite the words to the Lightning tree song but where "On white horses we can ride away............... la la la la la de dah de day" comes from I still cant fathom?
I have always longed for a horse of my own (any colour would have done) but when I mentioned the fact to my Mum the other day she said she had no idea that I even liked horses :-( no wonder I never found one with a bow round it on any of my childhood birthdays:-(

pett paintings said...

Solved this is a trip down memory lane .......when all in the world was lovely!

sue said...

Yep hearing that still brings a lump to the throat. That is the series that has been 'lost' ... apparently the English (dubbed) tapes got wiped or something so we won't see them again. Must admit, I can't remember the stories, just the theme tune :o)

Jan said...

Yaaaaaay! I knew you'd conquer the acrylics! This is looking great!

I have no idea of the tv program you've mentioned but am off to check out your YouTube link!

Reflections From Life Art Blog said...

Just found your blog. You do such lovely artwork! This acrylic piece is coming along nicely. It looks like you're beginning to get a handle on those acrylics. I'm going to be giving oils a try in December when my other artwork slows back down again.

Keep up the great work!


pett paintings said...

Hi Jan ...not sure that I can say I've conquered acrylics as yet but I'm slowly beating them into submission! must be to young if you don't recall the TV series LOL

Hi Nancy, glad you found me here, oils are a favourite of mine but they are such a bind to store while the layers are drying..hence my determined attempts to get to grips with acrylics!

Gary Keimig said...

really is looking great. I have fought acrylics myself off and on and for some reason keep going back now and then to try again.
Great blog and great paintings.

pett paintings said...

Thank you very much Gary!
I think acrylics would be such a convienient medium to work with if only I could re-learn my painting methods, I'm sure it is all simply down to more practice.........lots more practice :-)

Lene said...

looks like you're on your way to use the acrylic paint very well indeed!

pett paintings said...

Thank you Lene I think lots more practice is whats required so I'll stick with it for a while :-)