Friday, September 03, 2010

commission "Pippa"

At last I have a completed commission that I can show, this is Pippa the Jack Russell demonstrating what her owner describes as "Wabbit ears" :-)

I'm not realy sure if its permissable to assign a title to a commissioned painting but if it is i would like to call this one "Wabbit ears"..............such an endearing expression!

For once I had an excellent reference photograph to work from which was a joy, my thanks to Heidi Page for allowing the use of her photograph.

The portrait is 30 x 30 cm in pastel on pastelmat back to the drawing board


Jan said...

This is a great portrait! I so like the expression and you've captured the "wispies" perfectly!

pett paintings said...

Hi Jan, Thank you for that, I do enjoy portraying Jack Russells.... no two are the same and their ear carriage is so full of character, glad you like this one xx

Jo said...

Love this one. A real cutie :-))

Lene said...

adorable portrait :) - and love your title for it too

pett paintings said...

Thank you Jo and Lene words of encouragementare always appreciated :-)