Friday, September 10, 2010

Please don't laugh!

I have never been able to use acrylic paint for some reason, and me being me can't just leave it at that so every now and again I have a go to see if the curse has lifted, I can't explain why but its something that has niggled me for ever.

Well this time, inspired by reading an article extolling the wonderful "oil like" qualities of interactive acrylics I bought a few and set about yet another "having a go" session.......well I am too stubborn for "learning" in the conventional sense so just set about slapping the paint on a canvas :-( one whole day later came the realisation that as usual I had simply created a mess!

I had chosen a busy composition including people and horses (neither on my list of can do's) and I had decided to go straight in preparation whatsoever (DOH)

It had come down to two choices, throw it away and forget about it or start over and do things properly (ish)

I am proud to say that I re-prepared the canvas and gridded the composition up to start afresh and today I am floundering around trying to get the paint to do what I intended with varying degrees of success..can't say I'm exactly enjoying this one but I am determined to see it through and hopefully continue to learn by my stupid mistakes as I go along....promise no laughing if I post my progress?

Here goes (no the riders werent really this ugly!..... I am working on it LOL)


sue said...

Well I know nothing about using acrylics or oils but this is looking very promising Kay.

I'm a bit like you in terms of going in Gung Ho sometimes .... nothing like learning on the job!!

Look forward to seeing your progress on this

Jo said...

Looking good so far Kay. What a challenge XX

pett paintings said...

Thanks for NOT laughing girls x
I think I am slowly pulling this one back from the brink but the temptation to just finish it with oils is getting harder and harder to resist!

Jan said...

Keep at it Kay! It's not laughable at all and being stubborn about a medium that often got the best of me led to soft pastel now being my medium of choice!

I sort of feel as you do about acrylic but find that I actually enjoy fluid acrylics and acrylic inks and can tolerate the Golden "Open" acrylics pretty well.

pett paintings said...

Thank you Jan, I am indeed as stubborn as a mule but it's begining to come good and you never know one day I mught even enjoy using acrylics but I know they will never take the place of my pastels!