Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Day off

Had a wonderful day off yesterday and took a cultural trip to London with my brother and his good lady to see the summer exhibitions.
We had intended to catch the BP portrait awards but ran out of time due to spending ages enjoying the SEA's "The Horse in Art", I love the Mall galleries as a venue and the works on display were on the whole stunning! It was good to see Sally Lancaster's "One Small Step" and Laura Barber-Riley's "Wandering" up close and personal.........they were certainly not a let down!
The only thing that was dissapointing for me was the quality of some of the smaller fact there were one or two so badly painted with glaring proportional errors that I'm amazed they got through the selection process.........of course my lovely brother felt obliged to note that these were all paintings by full members and let rip when asked by the stewards if he'd enjoyed the exhibition...........I just skulked out the door LOL
We then went to the Royal acadamy to see the tail end of the Summer exhibition... I really don't like the gallery here (or the charge to get in ) but nothing prepared me for the "work" on display ..........I have never seen so many blatent examples of the "emporers clothes" on display in one place and was further dismayed by the thousands of red dots it had generated! there were just a handful of skillful artworks amongst it but they took a lot of searching for to locate! the one highlight for me was the giant Gorrilla sculpture which was crafted from wire coathangers...amazing (and talented) stuff!
I think that will be my last ever visit to the RA and really wished we had spent the time in the National gallery at the BP awards instead (not only free entry but always high quality artwork by talented artists)
I think the RA has lost the plot, but then judjing by the red dots the public are more than happy to be conned:-(

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Sounds like an interesting day out kay, we are expected to do the RA and Tate Modern for our course but have to say last year's visit was a little disappointing. I have to review a major exhibition this year and visit 6 East end galleries with a view to talk to artists curators etc about promoting artwork.....
I am going to do the S.O.F.A. exhibition (sept)for my review, will be interesting to see how this goes down....;-)

pett paintings said...

OOOh good luck with that Geraldine!
don't envy you that task, I'm afraid I would fail miserably :-( There just isn't a soapbox big enough to contain my views on the rubbish churned out in the name of art so it's best if I just keep quiet and enjoy what I know I like ;-)

sue said...

I'm taking some pics to London tomorrow to try for full membership of SOFA (juried/selection committee) - Then taking the pictures to Llewellyn Alexander Gallery to see if I get any accepted for the SOFA exhibition.

We are then going to take a look at the SEA exhibition at the Mall Galleries - Interesting to hear your thoughts on this Kay as I'd quite like to 'have a go' next year but its always useful to check style/standard of exhibits first isn't it.

and then on to visit Richard.

I share your views on a lot of what passes for art I think Kay :o)

pett paintings said...

Good luck Sue sounds like a full on day ahead of you, hope all goes to plan the SEA exhibition is definitely worth a visit ;-)
let us know how you get on xx

Jan said...

I'm so glad to hear that others think some of the art selling today is just junk. I'm aware that there are different styles but I'm totally convinced that the public just wants "different" and that the best at marketing are the ones selling.

I recently went to a gallery with a friend and there were paintings by one artist that looked as if a three-year-old had done them. They were muddy, drippy and smeared to the point that you could barely discern the subject not to even mention proportions. But the price tags would help solve our national debt.

I have to agree with you about keeping quiet and just enjoying what I like. To each his own.