Saturday, July 31, 2010

Am struggling to update the blog at regular intervals but here I am at last!
I have been occupied painting a couple of early Christmas commissions which obviously I can't post on here until much nearer to 2011, suffice to say the commissions have taken priority and I have not had a lot of spare time to work on the tiger, but at least he now has the basis of two eyes ;-)

Local summer exhibitions are in full swing and I have been very lucky with sales of originals............"Morning Glory" a pastel painting of some local sheep in a sunny meadow, sold in the first few minutes of the preview at the BDAG exhibition in Battle on Friday so fingers crossed that my luck continues this way for the rest of the summer.


sue said...

Fantastic news about the sale Kay.

I wondered where you had been recently and if all is well? I've got similar issues with being unable to show current works as they are surprise presents .. it can be a struggle to find things to post about can't it?

Fingers crossed for more good news from the exhibitions.

pett paintings said...

Hi Sue yes it's that time of year again all secrets and surprises :-(
I'm fine now recovered from a bout of shingles and the return home of an adult son with a "life crisis"
Its also the only time of year when there are gaps on the walls at home....usually short lived until the pictures all return home unsold from the various exhibitions LOL

sue said...

Oh those 'life crises' ....

We're definitely the piggy in the middle generation aren't we. Looking after parents and grown up kids .. almost worthwhile getting old just to take our turn at being cared for (not) :o)

Long may your walls continue to have large gaps

pett paintings said...

LOL Sue yes I couldn't agree more except..........I think you need to have at least one daughter to qualify for being looked after in your old age so I got that one wrong too :-( there is no hope!