Sunday, August 08, 2010

Christmas card designs

This week was a busy on again on many fronts, I have complete my watercolour commission but have had to make a couple of adjustments to it at the request of the dogs owner I will update the client tomorrow and hope that all is now ok......I am seriously thinking that I should forget offering watercolour as a medium for commissions as I always seem to encounter problems with it.

The art exhibition at Battle ended today and I spent a busy morning helping to reunite artists and buyers with their paintings, I was lucky enough to sell two of mine this year and enjoyed some lovely positive feedback. Only one more show submitted to this year now and that one is juried so I won't know if any of my six submissions will get in until the end of the month.

I would normally be starting to get enquiries for Christmas commissions about now but things seem really slow this year so I am putting my time to good use working on some designs for Christmas cards, first up is a snowy dog painting of my brothers Wirehaired Dachshund Ellie


sue said...

Hope the tweaked watercolour has now met with approval ... I love your watercolours so hope you continue with them (even if you don't offer commissions in that media).

Ellie makes a wonderful card theme ... but Christmas cards already ... you're far to organised :o)

pett paintings said...

Thanks Sue, hoping that the w/c is now sorted but waiting to hear back.
Don't worry the plan last week was to work on four designs for cards but other stuff took over (as usual) and this is the only one to make it onto paper so far.....not as organised as I had hoped!

Jan said...

This is terrific! Oh, my, you are organized but I guess you need to be to get cards out when they need to go!

Can't wait to see the rest of your designs!

pett paintings said...

LOL Jan I am not that organised at all I have been meaning to get at least one card design done every year for ages now and this is the first one to get this far, still have to organise and finance printing so even this one might not make it to sale if I don't get a move on!
Not had a chance to work on any others yet ;-(