Friday, August 13, 2010


I may have mentioned a watercolour commission that was giving me sleepless nights? well this is the one, I have now recieved confirmation from the client that she is happy with the result, but as usual I am a little unsure now that those doubts have crept in:-(
I love working with watercolour but do find it a challenge and for some reason most of my w/c commissions end up needing "adjustments" like this one did and once you start adjusting it seems to lose its magic for me.
Now that this one is done, I have an empty order book once again, so am grateful of the handful of originals sold at exhibition this year.
The upside of that is that I can spend more time on originals and at the moment designs for Christmas cards which is something that is permanently on the "to do " list!


sue said...

I think you've bought 'life' to a poor reference picture Kay. I know what you mean - we all have our own distinctive styles and that presumably is why the client selects us to portray their pet. Once our interpretation is questioned the doubts certainly creep in.

This is a lovely painting and I'm pleased (and not surprised) the client is happy.

I'm sure your order book will soon start to fill (just hope they don't all arrive 2 weeks before Xmas)!! said...

This is lovely Kay, beautiful contrasting colours and a real feeling of expectation from the collie, beautiful! x

pett paintings said...

Well I am glad you both think its Ok, I still have the eebie jeebies about it but I am glad that the owner likes it now and I guess that is what counts with commissioned work, this was such a small ref photo that I was really up against it from the start!
Time to get tougher on what I accept methinks :-)
Thank you both for the confidence boost xx

Jan said...

I will only say that I wish I could paint pets in watercolor like this! The client should be very happy as you did a beautiful job.

pett paintings said...

Thank you Jan, I just hope they like it when it arrives with them, maybe the computer screen doesn't do it justice and is what has caused the doubts?
I will soon find out :-)