Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Tiger painting

Last week kicked off well with the sales of two paintings "Ploughing" and "Indepenence" at a local exhibition, I then managed to complete the portrait of "Gertrude" which left me with some space and a free day on Friday.

I decided to unleash a new pastel painting of a tiger, having taken lots of very useful big cat photographs during the exhibition at Port Lympne at Easter I have been itching to utilise some of them ever since.

Initially I intended to do a medium sized painting, but got stuck in on a large sheet of pastelmat and now have a much larger (almost lifesize) painting to get to grips with :-)

My eyes refuse to focus after a painting session of about 2 hours so will need several sittings to complete this one!

This is the progress made over the first two sessions

5 comments: said...

Its looking good Kay and hapy to hear of your recent sales ;-)

sue said...

I reckon this could turn out to be one of your best Kay ... Brilliant pose and he stands out really well against the dark background. What colour pastelmat are you using here?

pett paintings said...

Thank you Geraldine and Sue,this is on the pale grey pastelmat Sue.... not sure what the colour is actually called but it matters not really as there won't be any of it left uncovered by pastel when I'm done!

Jan said...

Congratulations on your sales, Kay! It doesn't surprise me though as your work is always so beautiful.

Great start on the tiger too.

pett paintings said...

thank you Jan x