Monday, October 12, 2009

Two more paintings completed

I have been working on the sheep in the meadow painting over the weekend as I have finished the kitten watercolour (Christmas commission) got a bit carried away and added a Barn owl as he's a regular hunter in the field that I've painted.

I'm quite happy with the result and intend to exhibit this alongside "Curiosity" at the big Autumn exhibition (if I can afford to get them both framed in time) they are quite large at 50 x 37 cm so could work out expensive.

As often happens I have now grown fond of the pastelmat paper having learned how to cope with its grip on the pastel so am now on the lookout for some more before I start the next one in this series.

Meanwhile I have just accepted a commission from a selection of very bad ref's so will save the "pleasure painting" as a reward for when the commission is in the bag!

There, that's just the incentive I needed................... off to start on the Yorkie


Jan said...

That is so beautiful! The light and the colors are gorgeous!

Glad you've come to grips with the pastelmat. I haven't worked anymore with it but need to as I have several more pieces.

Jo said...

This is brilliant Kay. Now I'm torn between this and 'Curiosity' as to which is my favourite:-))I love the pastelmat but the colours are restricted I think. I found the Fisher 400 to abrasive. I had a look at Sennelier pastel card on the internet and they do a better range of colours. I know Sue has bought some so must ask her what the texture is like and i might give it a try.

sue said...

Well done Kay - its a lovely scene and I hope it sells in the Autumn Exhibition!!!

I know what you mean about Pastelmat. After working on Fisher 400 I recently switched to Pastelmat and really struggled initially. Once you get back in the swing its fine though isn't it.

pett paintings said...

Thank you girls for such lovely comments ;-)