Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sika Stag

I have been busy completing my last three Christmas commissions so am unable to post those in case I spoil someone's surprise :-(
However I have had such wonderful luck spotting local wildlife just lately that I have plenty of inspiration for my own work.
About a week ago while out walking my dogs at the crack of dawn I saw a herd of Sika deer which was an amazing sight in itself but then the chief stag came over to see what was going on and stood staring straight at us over the low hedge, he was perfectly lit by the low autumn sunrise and I managed to get some stunning shots of him (never leave home without my camera) so today he has been committed to my easel.
I have been having such fun with all the glorious colours and getting filthy with pastel dust but have had to give up half way due to eyestrain and the dreaded double vision (roll on those new glasses)
Never mind, I have no commissions on the horizon so will continue with this one tomorrow.


sue said...

Brilliant subject Kay. Isn't it great when you get good shots .. even with the digital camera I've sometimes thought I had some good photos but they just didn't work out once loaded onto the computer.
Look forward to seeing the next stages.

ps: I picked up my new bifocals today but having trouble getting used to them at the moment

pett paintings said...

Thanks Sue good luck with those glasses, luckily mine are only single lenses ...(when I get them)

Jan said...

This is looking good! We have so many deer that come up almost to the house but they're very hard to photograph. Congratulations on the shots you got!

I hope you get used to your new glasses soon - it's such a pain in the patootie going through that process!