Friday, October 23, 2009


Here is todays progress on the Stag painting......... not too far to go now, I forgot to mention that this is my third painting on Pastelmat and after my initial assessment of this support I have completely changed my mind and would go as far as to say I'm loving it!
Just to re-affirm my feelings I decided to do a small Barn Owl study on Murano (my all time favourite) and I think the results speak for themselves!
The big bonus with Pastelmat for me is the fact that the pastel stays need for the dreaded fixative :-)


Jennifer Rose said...

i love murano for coloured pencils, works well but not too keen on it for pastels. would love to try pastelmat, just keep trying to find a cheap place to get it.

your stag looks great :D nice textures to the background and he has a great look on his face :)

sue said...

Looking great Kay. Glad you're getting to like Pastelmat - I still prefer Fisher 400 but pastelmat rates second - I don't like Murano (too flimsy by comparison although they have great colours). I'm trying pastel card for the first time (and really struggling). Its very 'scratchy' but I think sometimes you have to work with a material for 2 or 3 pictures to come to grips with it?

Anyway, loving the stag so far :o)

pett paintings said...

Thank you both! I still havn't tried the Fisher 400 but can't justify spending money on new materials while my studio is so full of unused stuff, need to sell something first!

Jennifer Rose said...

I really liked the Fisher paper, but I was left thinking it would be cheaper to just use sandpaper from the hardware store :p