Friday, October 02, 2009


Couldn't settle to my commission work today as the day was spent intermittently waiting for workmen and I didn't want to risk anything important, so I decided to use up the other half of a sheet of pastelmat that I bought and didn't like.

I chose to paint sheep this time.... in a similar manner to my other pastelmat painting "Curiosity" and again with the animals backlit I am hoping it will work out as popular as the cow.

Here is the basic underpainting so far............


Jan said...

I'm glad you're giving the pastelmat another try. I plan to work on it again also. It seems to respond to blending with other pastels instead of fingers.

No matter how you're doing it, this painting is looking good so far!

sue said...

Looking good so far. Funny, I started my next commission on Pastelmat and I'm struggling as these last sheets I bought don't seem to want me to blend colours!

Erik said...

Hi Kay,
I love backlit pictures, and this is looking great already.