Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Starting "Lily"

I have abandoned the website update for the time being as there have been so many gremlins in the works at the server end, I have also still got "Gunner" on a back burner waiting for his owner to enlighten me about the alterations she wants....................................so I have begun work on the calico cat "Lily," I decided it was time to get the oils out as I haven't used them for some months and am feeling a bit rusty.

Lily was the winner of the title "best in show" from a photo cat show held last year to raise funds for our local hospice (St Michael's).

I am donating her portrait as part of the prize, her owner has provided some lovely clear high res photos so I have lots of information to work from and I have chosen to paint her in a domestic setting, sitting on the windowsill, I must admit I am enjoying working with oils again but am frustrated that I have to leave it now for a few days to dry before I can add more layers and "bring her to life"..............this is the painting so far, I'm hoping her owner will like it..........

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sue said...

Lily's off to a brilliant start Kay.

I hope to keep up with progress but we're off to the sun tomorrow so I'll be relying on a non too good internet connection for the laptop (or an internet cafe perhaps)