Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pet portrait competition winner

Here is the portrait I have produced for the winner of the photo competition, this is "Tess" a pretty 15 yr old Jack Russell Terrier who sadly passed away last year, her portrait was painted from a photograph of her in her younger days, it is painted in pastels and measures 30 x 30 cm.

Her owner loves it............... but................. it met with some rough handling from the post office and is currently winging its way back to me for running repairs, which I'm hoping won't need to be too drastic


Jan said...

OH MY! This is just wonderful! No wonder her owner loves it. Too bad about the postal mishap. Having just gone through that myself, I can certainly empathize with you!

sue said...

Oh that's dreadful Kay ... I mean the Post Office treatment, not your portrait which is beautiful :o)

Was it insured? Is it repairable?

So far I've had no disasters with the post office, but had the glass broken in a framed exhibition piece a few months back - that was a courier company delivery!

Hope you can remedy the damage fairly easily?

pett paintings said...

Thnks for your comments ladies, yes the painting was damaged with a hefty crease right through the centre and some smudged detail, but I did some risky salvage work (involving an iron) and had it essed under a pile of heavy books for a couple of days which flattened it sufficiently for me to disguise the fold under some artistic shading, I then had to frame it to protect thr repair for its return journey...........all in all a pretty expensive mishap for me :-(
I have submitted a claim to Royal mail as it was sent Special Delivery but I have my doubts about the extent of the guarantee now that I have read the small print.........I will let you know how it goes as I know a lot of us use this service.

sue said...

Any news on your claim yet Kay? I'm interested as I also use this service.

pett paintings said...

No news whatsoever Sue :-( even though I sent it off a good fortnight ago.......... wish I had gota proof of posting for the claim now, they state that it could take 30 days to consider so won't panic just yet.
I'll keep you informed