Friday, January 08, 2010


I thought I had added to this blog this year but it seems not and it's already a week in!
It's been a busy week for me on a personal level as the deep snow has prevented me from getting the car out. Caring for my Mum and my elderly neighbour has had me walking miles and miles in the snow to get bits and bobs both needed but I must say I have enjoyed the fresh air and I've certainly made up for all my over indulgence at Christmas!
On the artistic front I was able to announce the winner of the pet photo competition I ran throughout 2009. "Tess" the JRT won with a fantastic 191 votes, unfortunately she passed away mid year so her portrait will be extra special to her owners, she died age 15 and had lived a full and active Jack Russell style existance, her owner is searching for suitable ref photos and I should be able to make a start on the painting soon

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