Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Well it's been a while since I posted here , have been tackling a serious revamp/clearout of my workroom studio which I must admit has proved far more complicated and tedious than I imagined, I have tried to be ruthless thinning down unsold artwork and clearing out unused clutter but like the magic porridge pot it just seems to keep coming!
This week I have had to cope with a few family mini crises while trying to get organized for this weekends art exhibition so it 's been all go.

On Monday I was astonished to note that my website registered it's 10,000th visitor! (if only I could have charged £1 per visit :-))

To my surprise I also had a late Christmas commission, and another enquiry that dissolved into nothing, (I had almost forgotten that I do pet portraits) so will have to get back into practice after the exhibition.
Today I am reframing and mounting work to exhibit at the weekend and praying that I make some late sales to make up for the lack of commissions, wish me luck!


sue said...

Congrats on the Xmas commission :o) and wishing you much success at the weekend. I'm flying off to the sunshine on Saturday and just debating whether to take some pencils with me and do a graphite cat picture - but I don't think I'm disciplined enough for that!

Jo said...

Hope all goes well with your exhibition Kay. Hopefully you'll get more commissions from the exposure.XX

pett paintings said...

Thank you girls, have a good weekend :-)