Tuesday, November 03, 2009


This is a small diversion for me, I recently attended a local farmers ploughing match and have been inspired to paint the work going on there, some of the ploughs were horsedrawn and these are the ones I had originally intended to paint but after a request from my husband I decided to give the tractor a spin, this was a challenge as I rarely paint such hard edged creatures :-)

Anyway the finished painting has met with hubby's approval so can't be too far off the mark....................now to search out those heavy horses


sue said...

This is brilliant Kay - I know nothing about tractors but looks great to me. I would love to see the horsey ones when finished as I love working horses.

I got some great pics of Ardenne horses working as 'horse loggers' recently and think its great that some of the old traditions are being kept alive still.

pett paintings said...

Thank you Sue:-) I know just as much as you about tractors but I really enjoyed seeing the heavy horses working so I'm looking forward to painting those next although slightly worried by all that extra tack

Jo said...

Brilliant piece Kay. Are you going to do a 'series' of tractor pictures?

pett paintings said...

Thanks Jo all I can say is I've added the tractor "series" to the "to do" list I 'm sure you know what I mean :-)