Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sad news

While my oil paintings are set aside to dry today I have been working on my pastel alpaca portrait.............. out of the blue I had a phone call from a friend to say that she has finally had to have her lovely Border collie "Daisy" PTS ~ Daisy was an amazing dog who was in her 19th year! she had been blind and partially deaf for the last two years but in otherwise fine health and great spirits, I had the great pleasure of looking after her for a week or so last year while my friend was abroad and was impressed with her get up and go for a dog so old!
I painted this pastel portrait of her as she slept one afternoon and todays sad news prompted me to post it here...............sleep tight Daisy dog ~ run free with my old girl Bramble x


Jan said...

It's always so sad when we lose our best friends that way. It's amazing that she lives to be 19 and I'm sure your friend gave her a great life.

Your painting of her is beautiful - I so admire your work.

pett paintings said...

Thank You Jan, yes she had a very good long innings and will be very much missed

geraldine.boley@googlemail.com said...

So sad when we lose one of our canine (or feline) friends. I am sure your beautiful portrait will be treasured.

Jennifer Rose said...

19 years is a long time, shows she was well taken care of and loved :)