Thursday, May 05, 2011

Still here....and trying to keep up

Hi all, I know I have said it before but this year seems to be going past me at breakneck much to do , so little time so my apologies for my neglected blog.

The Big Easter Art Exhibition was a great success raising over £7,000 for our local (St Michaels) Hospice, I personally sold four paintings so it was a good weekend for me!

Just to prove that I've not been idle here are a selection of commissioned paintings that have been keeping me busy in recent weeks..Below are some images of the product of my labours, first is an A3 watercolour painting of "Themba" a beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback, then a graphite commission in memory of "Harry" a playful Jack Russell Terrier, the drawing is A3 size and I really enjoyed working on it....even those grasses!

Next up is "Annie" another Jack Russell Terrier this one is an acrylic portrait on a 30x 30 square canvas

Then come Taitti the GSD x Dachshund and Zippy the JRT, both painted in pastels just slightly bigger than A4

I guess I just need an oil painting now to complete the set!


Lene said...

those are wonderful paintings and drawing :) You really had all your media out to play with :)

pett paintings said...

Hi Lene, thank you :-) yes I have exhausted my bx of tricks now just the oil paints to dust off.....but you should see the state of my studio! untidy doesn't even begin to describe the mess!

Richardson said...

Hi Kay,
Your portrait paintings of the dogs are wonderful and playful! I love painting and the use of all the different mediums too-come have a visit to my blogsite sometime!

Art Collector's Corner said...

very nice!!!

Art Collector's Corner said...

really nice!!!

pett paintings said...

Thankyou Richardson and Art collectors corner :-) glad you like what you see, and thank you fro popping by I will stop by your blogs too ;-)
Thankyou x