Sunday, October 24, 2010

e-bay bargains

Have been busy getting aquainted with acrylic paint as a new medium for my work and its been a challenge to say the least! Acrylic works would just be so much easier to store/transport etc so I am determined to get to grips with them.
I have started to make a bit of progress and am working on a series of small canvases to help me understand the way acrylics behave.

The resulting paintings are going to be auctioned one at a time on e-bay in the order that they are painted, the subject matter will be rather random.....just whatever inspires me on the day but I hope that people will seize the opportunity to bag themselves a bargain if they see something they like
These are the paintings so far ....they are all just 5" x 7" and painted on canvas board,

No 3 No 4


sue said...

Great idea Kay ... how long does a small acrylic take you?

Hope they bag you lots of sales on eBay.

Jan said...

Dear Child, you don't seem to be having any problems at all coming to grips with acrylics! I think you're going to be doing very well with them!

pett paintings said...

Thank you ladies
At the moment they are each taking me roughly an afternoon to complete but I'm getting faster with practice and learning all the time :-) so if I can sell them this way at least they won't be stacking up in the studio like all my other work
Still don't "like" working with acrylics but at least tehy are starting to do as they are told at last :-)