Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 2009

Since returning from Australia life has been hectic (going awol for a month creates a lot of catching up to do in the real world)

I have plans to exhibit in two more summer exhibitions and the organisers are baying for titles of works to be shown~ since I'm still in the process of painting them I am feeling the pressure!

I have had a surprising number of entries to my website photo competition which is keeping me busy to update, however once entered people seem to forget that they need to vote! Oh well

If you visit http://www.pettpaintings.com/ please forward your vote~ there are some gorgeous animals entered.
Here is a photo of my next portrait commission subject "Misty" she is to be painted in oils on canvas board.

I have had a serious drop in commissions since going away and am wondering if the competition is the reason or maybe the economic downturn is showing it's effects?

Whatever the reason at least I have more time to get on with some work for exhibition which makes a nice change.

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