Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Running on the spot

Hi all ......just lately I seem to pedalling like crazy and getting nowhere fast , not had any summer commissions and failed to sell anything at the first summer exhibition of the year :-( to keep myself busy I have started early on Christmas commissions but the nature of that beast is that I won't get paid till Christmas and I can't show any of the work online till then either.......Oh well my blog will just have to consist of the exciting prospect of our new arrivals, we should have some chicks hatching any day now as our broody hen has been sitting for 19 days she has six eggs so I am hoping for at least a couple of new hens!

We will also soon be welcoming a gorgeous HWV puppy into our fold....... this is him at 5weeks of age, cute or what?


Judy said...

This little puppy is absolutely gorgeous.

sue said...

He's very cute Kay .... but looks like a rabbit in the photo?? lol

You're going to be kept on your toes methinks!!

Toyin O. said...

adorable puppy.

pett paintings said...

Sorry for the non-reply folks but this little monster has dominated my life ever since and blogging has suffered badly! however now that he has grown into a handsome young manand has learnt to be less demanding of my time I will return and post some up to date piccy's of him xx