Saturday, May 15, 2010


Well its been a while since I had anything "arty" to post here but I haven't been idle :-), still not finished "Gertrude" but have been busy painting and getting work ready for the summer rush of local exhibitions.
For the first time ever I have actually submitted a work for consideration to The society of Equestrian Artists annual exhibition in London and am keeping everything crossed for an acceptance, although I am not very confident as the standard is always so high!
Main thing is I have crossed the first hurdle by actually acting instead of the usual good intentions................wish me luck!


sue said...

I'll keep everything crossed for you Kay :o)

Have you submitted an existing picture or painted something new for the exhibition?

pett paintings said...

Thank you Sue x
I am entering a new work which arose from a recent photo shoot for a local client, she couldn't decide on a composition so I worked up two of my favourites, I am very pleased with them both (so good to work from good quality refs!) and the one she has rejected is my SEA entry.
I will reveal all at the end of the month when her portrait has been presented for a friends birthday (I daren't spoil the surprise)