Friday, September 04, 2009

OH this week has been an uphill struggle for me....I have been battling against a monster migraine and the drugs don't help as they turn me into a space cadet :-) all I can do is sleep so artwork has been neglected!

However since I am determined to fight back I have worked on a simple sample today, this fella was seen out and about and I got permission to photograph him from his owner

Somehow (don't ask how I'm really NOT with it today) I managed to delete the photograph halfway through the process so have had to finish from memory (not good)

Anyway my immediate thoughts are that it's worked out ok............. not my best but ok, I suspect that when I finally shift this migraine I will look at it again and be mortified!

Oh well I feel less guilty for at least having made an effort today so now its back to the darkened room for a few hours.


sue said...

Ohh so sorry to hear you're not well Kay. I hope the migraine shifts soon and you feel much better.

Off on hols tomorrow - but will be thinking of you :o)

sue said...

ps: Dog looks great. Don't know what the ref looked like but can't see anything wrong with this.

pett paintings said...

Thank you Sue Think I've finally shifted it just need to get back into the swing of things again

Jan said...

I think this is fabulous and the fact that you did it with a migraine is just mind-blowing.

Jo said...

Hope you're feeling better Kay. The dog is great.

pett paintings said...

Thanks girls the monster migrane finally left me alone and a second look at this portrait surprised me as it only needed a couple of very minor tweeks to bring it up to scratch so the week wasn't a total wipeout after all xx